Golf Course Netting Fills the Bill

You can't go wrong with golf course netting. It is extremely flexible and it can be stretched to fit just about any area you wish, for the purpose of warding off golf balls that are traveling not quite where they were supposed to.


For example, along the fairway, right off the tee, there is sometimes the tendency for a hook or a slice to wander off to precarious areas. If there are any homes along those areas, the netting is going to save a lot of windows and glass patio doors.


On driving ranges, golf course netting can be place parallel to walkways and vehicular avenues, to keep balls from endangering those areas too. This allows for golfing venues to be located in many more areas than used to be the case.


At the end of the day, the netting makes it much easier to collect all of the range balls on the driving range, rather than have them trickle down the hill into the stream, or get lost in the woods on the other side. All of the balls are confined to an area for easier collection.


Many areas are safer such as swimming, tennis and dining venues, because of the netting being strategically placed along those areas.

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